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Our Story: Every Experience is an Achievement.

When founder, Kimberly Pauley, was a child her mother and grandmother encouraged her to take chances because just going for it, no matter how it turns out, makes every experience a win.  The more experiences she tried, the more confidence she gained. 
In second grade Kimberly wrote in her Hopes and Dreams journal that when she grew up she wanted to have a Jewelry business.  Kimberly went to college and then law school. She then practiced law as a Trial Attorney for New York City and had three children.  But she never forgot her dream of owning a jewelry business. In 2012, Kimberly went for it.  She started Shame On Jane Jewelry with the idea of designing pieces that celebrate girls trying new experiences (or: going for it!) and finding self confidence.  Her icons, symbols and colors all represent female power, strength and friendship. 
When you give Shame On Jane Jewelry, you are giving a gift that celebrates self-confidence. 

Shame On Jane is a wholesale and retail Jewelry Company. You can find our jewelry in hundreds of boutiques around the country, Online and on Amazon. We are also an approved brand with Bloomingdale's and a Partner with Bloomingdale's in Kind Campaign.



When we design pieces for the new collections, we always start with the two concepts that define Shame On Jane Jewelry.  Fun and Friendship.  We talk, sketch, look at colors and trends.  Once we have an idea of the piece we want to create, we find a similar image that makes us smile.   We then use metals, fabrics and stones to turn that image into jewelry.   The CAD is a computerized 3-dimensional image that  is shown above.  Once we tweak the image so that the dimensions are correct, it is made into a mold.  The mold is used when you are creating multiple pieces of the same design.  The final touch is to add color or sparkle or maybe both!