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sideways initial necklace
Sideways initial necklace
sideways initial necklace
gold initial necklace
gold letter sideways necklace

Ava Necklace

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Our Ava sideways initial necklace is a favorite for trendy initial jewelry. The design of this necklace allows for the Block Initial to flow seamlessly into the 16" 14k gold-plated sterling silver chain. 

*The letter is a rounded block font so that the 14k gold-plated sterling silver 8mm initial is as delicate and feminine as the piece itself.

*The Sideways necklace is placed on a Shame On Jane card which reads:  "A you are Amazing, B you are Brave, C you are Cool, D you are Devine, E you are Extraordinary, F you are Fantastic, G you are Gorgeous, H you are Honest, I you are Incredible, J you are Joyous, K you are Kind, L you are Lovely, M you are Magnificent, N you are Nurturing, O you are Original, P you are Phenomenal, Q you are a Queen, R you are Remarkable, S you are Special, T you are Talented, U you are Unique, V you are Vibrant, Z you are Zestful...You are Loved.

*FREE SHIPPING is our present to you. Gift giving tip: Write your own message on the back of the ShameOnJane Card it adds a fun personal touch and you don't have to run out to buy a separate card.