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New York Family Magazine


New York Family Magazine  is a great resource for families in the Tri-State area because they discuss special events, finds and parenting.  In the June Issue, they include RemindeRings by Shame On Jane as one of their "finds".  They describe RemindeRings as a series of rings each having "a clever statement of something you wish you could do, need to do, plan to do…  You get the idea.  Some of their favorites are “Make a Reservation,” Sleep In,” “Get a Caffeine Fix,” and “Feed…Sleep…Repeat” for those moms with newborns out there.  At $10 dollars each, they make a great gift or to treat yourself.  They are also coming out with teen themed rings (a terrific bunk gift if you know any sleep away campers)"  

Picture Shame On Jane in New York Family Magazine