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Glamour Magazine


We are so excited to be featured in the December Issue "My Dirty Little Secret: For Once, Actually I'm Happy" published in Glamour Magazine.  Our #Blessed Personalized Necklace is shown prominently on pg.156 with the caption, “Cute Gift, No?”  and our answer is “Yes”!!!   Abigail Libers  article, "My Dirty Little Secret: For Once, Actually I'm Happy"  discusses women's ability to own their happiness instead of worrying that is too good to be true.  Shame On Jane is all about making every day fun and feeling blessed.  Everyone's blessings are different and uniquely their own.  The necklace pictured in the article can be customized to reflect your blessings.  Whether it is your children's names or anything you hold dear, we love hand crafting your necklace so that you can wear your blessings close to your heart. 

View on Issuu - Glamour Dec 2016 page 152