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Columbia Grammar Holiday Fair

Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School is a private school located at 5 West 93rd Street in New York City.  It is the largest Private School Campus in Manhattan with 1300 students from Preschool through Twelfth grade.  It even has a summer camp!  Columbia Prep has been in existence for over 250 years.  Starting as an all boys school under Columbia University, to the now Co-ed Independent Institution.  Celebrities such as Sarah Michelle Geller and Ally Sheedy are former students and most recently Barron Trump, son of Donald Trump attended the school.  Grammar holds a number of fundraisers during the school year.  One such event is the November 10, 2017 Holiday Fair open to students and parents of Columbia Grammar.  Shame On Jane Jewelry has been a vendor at the Holiday Fair for the past three years.  We are so excited to once again be a part of their fun event.