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Shame On Jane Goes to Hollywood!

As I have said before, I will do anything for Jane. I went to the Hamptons, multiple cocktail parties, dinners and lunches with fabulous important people and flew to Los Angeles. If that is not sacrifice, I don’t know what is! My Stepfather is a Movie Producer. For me, this is comparable to a kid who lives above a candy store. His job in the movie business has allowed me to live out my fantasy of becoming a movie star. I play dress up with the costume designers, have my hair and makeup done and I’ve been an extra in movies such as “Hitch” and “Cop Out”. Not to mention, hanging out with Ryan Gossling. My kids work on various movie sets, talking on the walkie talkies, sitting in the director’s chair and watching the video monitor as if they know what they are doing. My son was even playfully mauled on the red carpet by Russell Brand which ended up all over the newspapers and magazines (continue reading at the bottom

Below are more photos of me and my family celebrity-hopping in Hollywood.

Picture On the set of the movie Arthur

Putting on my makeup as “Reporter #3” in “Arthur”.


My Film debut as “Reporter #3” in “Arthur”. My mom was there every step of the way taking pictures of everything. Even as I was in a conversation about the scene with Russell and the director, she was behind me taking pictures. I would have been so embarrassed except that I knew I would probably never act again so I wanted pictures of everything.

Picture Kim Pauley and Jennifer Garner

Kim and Jennifer Garner

Picture Kim Pauley and David Spade

Kim and David Spade, star of the tv show, “Rules of Engagement”. David is still too cool for school.

Picture Kim Pauley and Emma Stone

Kim and Emma Stone on the set of Gangster Squad in LA. She is so gorgeous in person and tiny! I felt like an amazon.


Kim and Holt McCalany, on the set of Gangster Squad in LA. Holt is one of those actors that you know you have seen somewhere. He was in “Fight Club” and a ton of other shows. He was so sweet. We took a ton of photos before one actually came out.


Jake learning the business from Cinematographer, Andrew Lesnie.

Picture Jake Pauley and Kevin Smith

Jake works as a Production Assistant on the set of “Cop Out”. (Director Kevin Smith in the background).

Picture Jake Pauley and Will Smith

Jake and Will Smith on the set of “I am Legend” in NYC. Jake didn’t know that Will Smith was a famous actor. Jake thought he was just our friend.

Picture Kim Pauley and Nick Nolte

Kim and Nick Nolte on the set of “Arthur”. He looks exactly the same as he did in “48 Hours”.

Picture Ty Pauley and Russell Brand

Ty and Russell Brand on the set of “Arthur”. Ty was excited to meet Russell that day because he had just seen “Despicable Me”. Russell made the set so fun for the kids. A scene from “ Arthur” was set in the famous candy store, “Dylans” in NYC. My kids went to the set and spent a whole day playing with Russell in the candy store. They had a marshmallow fight using marshmallow shooters, danced around and played hide and seek.

Picture Jake Pauley and Russell Brand

Jake and Russell Brand on the red carpet at the premiere of “Arthur”. Russell saw jake and started kidding around with him, pretending to eat his face. The media went crazy and within a few hours the photos were all over the internet and then all the newspapers and magazine. Jake was a star at school for a day.

Picture Kim Pauley and Ryan Gossling

Kim and Ryan Gossling on the set of Ganster Squad in LA. Ryan looks at every woman like they are the hottest woman he has ever seen. Love that!

Picture Jake Pauley and Tracy Jordan

Jake with Tracy Morgan on the set of “Cop Out”. Tracy Jordan spent so much time telling hilarious (and dirty) stories.


Kim and Troy Garity (Star of Playboy Club and Jane Fonda’s son) on the set of Gangster Squad in LA.


Ty learning the movie business from cinematographer, Uta Briesewitz. Uta works on the HBO show “Hung”. I asked her all sorts of questions about the filming of the sex scenes.

Picture Kim Pauley and Will Smith

Kim, Will Smith and Jake on the set of “Hitch”. Jake is hiding.

Picture Kim Pauley and Pauly D

Pauly D wearing his new “Remix” ShameOnJane Pendant with Kim Pauley, founder of ShameOnJane, in New York City.

(Continued From Top)
During the filming of the remake of “Arthur” I even auditioned and got a small role as a reporter. Not that I ever wanted to be an actual actress, but I wanted to have the experience of “acting” in a movie. But wait, it gets even better, I even had a trailer and a stand in. Stand in: the actress that had to stand in position while the director blocked out scenes, because I was really too important to do that. Under the pretense of having a ton of meetings for SOJ (I had a few), I left my husband and kids and flew from NYC to California to hob nob with the Celebs. I went to the set and met Emma Stone and Ryan Gossling, my new bffs. We hung out and I gave Emma a set of RemindeRings that said “Flirt with Costars”, “Turn to your Best Side”, ”Smile for the camera”, “Suck in Stomach” and “Push Latest Project”. If anyone spots her wearing them, please write in! Emma loved the RemindeRings and so did Ryan’s assistant. I also met David Spade, Sean Penn, Troy Garity and Holt McCallany. I can’t wait to see where Jane takes me next.